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Happy End of the World!

December 21, 2012

By: Benjamin Baney, Work and Travel Program Assistant

Have you heard?  The world is ending today, 12-21-2012! Just kidding, so says the ancient Mayan civilization prophecy, anyway.   With all the hype, CCI Greenheart thought we would take a closer look at a population that was instrumental in the development in such fields as art, architecture, and mathematics, and astronomy.

The Mayan civilization thrived from AD 250 to 900.  Nobody knows what the ultimate reasoning was for their collapse and downfall.  Theories range from overpopulation, drought, environmental disasters, disease, etc.  While the population thrived, their contributions to humanity are still present today.

Today is…..Friday, whew almost forgot.  If it were not for the development of the Mayan Calendar, I might not have ever known what day it is.  The Mayans measured the length of the solar year to a high degree of accuracy; Way more accurate than the European calendars at the time.  We can all thank the Mayans for Fridays!


Mayans or Egyptians?  Historians believe these two civilizations were the most influential in the development of the written language.   The Mayans written language consisted of mostly symbols and pictures to indicate the word meaning.  Visit the link here to learn more about “Maya Script”, and give it a shot yourself!

The Mayan civilization has provided humanity with much more, and their prophecy will be at the forefront of conversation today so be in the know!  You can mention that Mayans were one of the first peoples to create and/or use Saunas.  Or that the reason December 21st is considered the end of the world is because the Mayan calendar just stopped!

Whatever you do for December 21st aka: “The End of the World,” CCI Greenheart wants to wish you a safe and happy holiday!

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