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Rock the Vote on November 6th!

October 30, 2012

By Iva Gejdosova, CCI Academic Year Program participant and Greenheart Club Member

If you read my first article, you may remember that on my way home from airport we met Obama’s car on freeway. What you may not know is that after few more weeks in the States, I almost met him face-to-face!

It was about a month ago when I had experienced something that most “real” Americans never have a chance to: I became a celebrity, which is something that I didn’t expect at all as an exchange student! I was on the same screen with President Obama for all eighteen minutes of his speech in Iowa!

Can you see Iva?!

A friend of mine, Audra, had bought tickets for Obama’s speech in Des Moines, the capital city of Iowa. Iowa is a “swing state”, and that’s why both candidates visited as much as their campaign need. We bought tickets for regular admission to the event on September 1st.

Audra and I planned to meet early on that Saturday morning, and drive 50 miles away from our homes to Des Moines. The program was going to start at 10:30 and then Obama’s speech was not planned until 1:20. At first I was confused and thought, “Why does it start so early, because the speech is not until the afternoon?” But to get ten thousand people in one area takes some time. The program took place in Living farms.

When we finally arrived to Living farms, most of people were already standing in long curving lines. In that moment we were kind of sad we didn’t arrived earlier. That was when I really understood the organizers and their precise planning. We finally got through all the lines and were about to check-in when a young lady came to us and said: “Tell them you are pink!” while she was putting a pink sticker on our tickets.

After we were checked-in, we were sent to wait on the right side. There had already been a small group of people waiting and no one knew what was happening! What would you think about in that situation? I thought that we maybe just looked weird, or maybe even dangerous. But this was not the case. We were probably very good looking because we ended up with special seats right behind Obama! It’s easy to say we were the “chosen ones” to sit behind the podium for the duration of the speech. All we had to do was smile, wave, and be a good looking crowd behind his stage!

When the organizers got the information that Obama had landed, they came to us with posters and instructions on what to do and what not to do when live broadcast started. And then I finally saw him – the president of United States. Barack Obama was there! He was dressed nicely and his manners were really dynamic and energetic.

I was very surprised at how great his speech was. People listened carefully and he led them through his speech, getting everyone excited about whatever he wanted. He tends to smile a lot, which is really nice. After twenty minutes of his empowering speech, it was done. Audra and I then went to central part of Des Moines and finished this perfect day with other friends.

So that was my experience, now we will see who is going to win the election. Maybe I saw an ex-president, or the future one. That will only be uncovered by the time.

Be sure to vote!!

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