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A Greenheart Club member takes the stage!

October 25, 2012

By Nika Chugoshvili, FLEX student and Greenheart Club Member

“Sometimes, dreams come true” – that’s what I can say about my situation.

I had a dream to be an exchange student because it’s a marvelous opportunity for someone my age. Now I am a FLEX student from Georgia, who lives in Washington State. I think this is a huge experience that you can get while you’re in America. This is just one of the reasons why I am trying to do my best, be active and participate in everything to help me get varied experiences.  I enjoy time with my host family and we have already had some little excursions. I often make Georgian dishes for them, which they definitely love! I like my school and I have a great time there with my friends. I am a part of the school theatre group where I help in decorations. I also help as a math tutor after school in the library, which is part of my volunteering plan, and I am in the Knowledge Ball. I stay very busy after school, but I am doing very well with my activities and academics. I plan on starting a project at my school called the Christmas Cards Exchange Program. This program will be between my Georgian school and my school here in the US. It is part of exchanging culture and I believe that it’s helpful for everyone to understand and learn about other people’s traditions and customs.

I would especially like to share my experiences in my volunteer activities at the Civic Theatre in downtown Spokane. I was helping them backstage while the play “Producers” was running. I met so many nice people there and I can admire that these have been some of the most wonderful memories since I have been in the US. I have decided that I will audition for the next plays in the Civic Theatre and try to act in a show. I just finished my volunteering there and we had a closing night with a party that was kind of sad. Nobody wanted to leave because we had become like a big family. In spite of that, I have my required hours for the FLEX program, but I also have a strong desire to do my best and have as many hours as possible. Now I am looking for another volunteer opportunity in county library, in a gym or somewhere else. I can tell everybody that volunteering is a lot of fun and that it’s a great learning experience which can be used later in life.

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