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Spotlight on Maine

October 4, 2012

By: Benjamin Baney, Work and Travel Programs Assistant

CCI staff Ben Baney and Beth Brennan recently were able to visit the lovely state of Maine this past month, to visit with employers and take in the amazing foliage the area has during the fall months.  Maine is a hotbed for nature seekers, and new visitors will not be disappointed.  The vast attractions of ski resorts, trails for hiking, lakes, rivers, mountains, and animal wildlife offer an experience that is priceless.  New England is known for clam chowder and Boston accents, but Maine offers a unique experience.  Driving through the mountains you cannot help but become mesmerized by the beauty. This is a wonderful area for CCI participants to spend their Summer Work & Travel Program, as they are offered many of these opportunities to explore a unique mix of coasts, wilderness, seafood and Yankee accents!

Ben has family in the northeast, and has had a devout loyalty to the region since he was a child.  Prior to joining CCI, Beth worked in the ski industry and continues to enjoy the opportunity to travel in New England and seek out quality placements for our participants in this area.

CCI’s Work and Travel department looks forward to continuing our work in this great state!

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