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CCI’s Trainee Program Showcases Artistic Talent

August 22, 2012

by Erica Wiethorn, Career Advancement Program Intern

Cento Lodigiani features design concepts by CCI Trainee Vincenzo from Milan, Italy

Did you know many of CCI’s Career Advancement Program (CAP) participants are great artistic talents?  Case in point: Vincenzo, a trainee from Italy who specializes in media communications, utilizes his expertise in graphic design and motion graphics to create outstanding images and videos.

Vincenzo, a motion designer based in Milan, chose to train at an agency in the United States to develop a unique international perspective of the industry. “I think it is important for me to improve my skills in media communication and come back here [to Italy] and distinguish myself,” he elaborates.

In New York, not only is Vincenzo able to contribute his talents to the creative projects of his American TV design and animation company, but he has also been learning the business side of media communications. “The opportunity to follow my supervisor during the discussions with clients has been great. Every meeting I took part in has helped me to get confident with the U.S. business techniques of communication in public forums.”

Throughout the rest of his program, Vincenzo will continue to gain business experience in the media communications industry. “My general and main expectation from this experience is about the understanding of the whole market behavior, the creation of new business through the understanding of the new and old client needs.”

Vincenzo has a personal website that showcases some of his independent works-  an excellent example of his creative side. Check it out here:

If you or someone you know is interested in the CCI Intern/Trainee program, please send and email to for more information!

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