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Lots of Fun for Funtown Employee!

August 21, 2012

By Nan Chen, Summer Work Travel Participant and Greenheart Club Member

Nan Chen is a Work & Travel participant from China who is working at Funtown Splashtown, in Saco Maine. When she isn’t working at the amusement park she has volunteered 18 hours and counting at a local garden. Below Nan shares a reflection about her experience living, working, and volunteering in the USA.

Nan on left with coworkers

I am very happy to work here at an amusement park, everyday  I operate two different rides. Whenever I smile at  the tourists, they respond to me actively and say,  “Hi.” One day at work I operated the Helicopter ride, on that day I knew my grandma got sick and was in the hospital. There was a small cute boy  who was on the ride, from the helicopter he saw that that I was not happy, when the ride was over he brought his face to mine  and said thank you. At that time I was very moved by this gesture and tears of happiness came down. Many other visitors recognize my work at Funtown Splashtown and they are always willing to  give me a high five.

I love every day here, each day is very happy and great. My biggest wish at work  is tourists  can go back  home happily, leaving with special beautiful memories, and can enjoy real happiness, like our name Funtown implies. Everyone loves  playing in Funtown!

In my daily life outside of work, I like to help people who need help. I have been volunteering at a school garden this summer. Since students are on their summer holidays, there is no one to manage the local school garden, so I go and volunteer there!   On days I do not have work at Funtown, I will go to the garden. At the garden I help clean the garden of weeds, so that the students can more clearly know vegetable growth processes and harvest the fruits that they grow when they return in the fall.

Nan third from the right, with coworkers

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