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What does the CCI Staff do when they are not at work?

August 15, 2012

A Word from Team SocComm

By: Alex Jones, Work and Travel Program Assistant

Recently, CCI formed an internal committee that would officially organize optional social and teambuilding activities for staff to get to know each other in a non-work related environment. In the past, official and unofficial activities and gatherings have been held by different departments, but with this new committee in place, we’re hoping to bridge all departments through optional activities.  This committee is part of a new venture within CCI to build a unique culture and shared values for all staff. Our committee name: Team SocComm (Get it? Team=Teambuilding, Soc=Social, and Comm=Committee!).

See below for a list of the committee members and their titles:

•             Andrea Dennis, CCI Greenheart Outreach Director

•             Lauren Coffaro, Career Advancement Program (CAP) Associate

•             Jill Robinson, Greenheart Travel Social Media Manager

•             Jillian Sims, Academic Year Program Assistant

•             Alexandra Jones, Work and Travel Program Assistant

The first order of business was to implement a monthly happy hour. The inaugural event was held on Friday the July 13th at Brehon’s – the proverbial bar down the street from CCI’s Chicago office. On this lovely Friday, staff members from different departments met to simply hang out with their fellow coworkers. We even had the gracious presence of CCI’s President – Emanuel Kuntzelman!  Despite a heavy rain downpour, about 15 staff members were present and beat the cursed Friday the 13th to make the event a success.

As committee members, we agreed that it was important for all departments to have access to a variety of teambuilding activities and ideas. As committee member, Andrea Dennis states “TeamSocComm puts into play the CCI values of a family environment. We are creating thrifty activities for the staff to have fun outside of the workplace. No obligation, no pressure and no talking about work issues are the only rules.”  Previously, some departments organized retreats for their staff members. Last fall, the Work and Travel department went to Michigan to enjoy some time away from the office. More recently the Academic Year Programs (AYP) department went to Starved Rock, located in central Illinois. There, staff members led one activity, varying from focus exercises to shaping plans for the future of AYP. They bonded through board games and hiking.

The SocComm Committee is in the process of collecting previously executed teambuilding activities or retreats from each department and consolidating them onto the CCI database for each department to utilize in the future.

Team SocComm is still pondering the idea of a larger event for this fall.  We have explored ideas such as Whirlyball, Wendella Boat Tour, Millennium Park’s Free Music Mondays/Downtown Sound, or even joining an intramural sport league. To keep up, check out the CCI Facebook page for events and future gatherings. Things are still in the works, but either way, we’re looking forward to great times spent together at CCI!

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