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The Olympics Wrap-Up

August 14, 2012

By Valerie Brod, Marketing Contractor

Olympic Rings on the River Thames. Photo from

26 sports, 204 countries, 302 medal events – that’s a lot for 16 days and it barely scrapes the surface!   The 2012 London Olympics will be remembered for the records that were broken, for women athletes participating from every country, and for all the athletes who trained hard and overcame obstacles to realize their dream.  There was celebration, tears, joy and heartache.  To sum it up, it was an emotional rollercoaster!

The closing ceremony on Sunday night highlighted British music to symbolize their biggest export.  From a recording of John Lennon to the reunion of the Spice Girls, the show was a mix of music from the past 50 years.  In my opinion, Queen should have played, ‘We are the Champions‘, as it would have been fitting for the Olympics.  We also saw the London’s mayor pass the Olympic flag to Rio de Janeiro’s mayor, along with a short preview of Brazil for the 2016 games.

I hope you enjoyed our cultural journey of the Olympics!  I really learned a lot about sports, countries and cultures that I knew very little of before.    It has left me with a curiosity and desire to learn more

Host family and exchange students enjoy Thanksgiving.

and I hope you feel the same way!  Because, the Olympics may be over, but you can stay connected to the world by hosting a foreign exchange student!  What an exciting way to really learn about and experience another country!  Meet CCI exchange students today and help one of their dreams come true!

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