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Brazil Wins First Gold Medal in Women’s Judo

August 8, 2012

By Valerie Brod, Marketing Contractor

Judo requires strength, speed and control.  The goal of judo is to control your opponent.  A judoka (athlete) uses her balance and leverage to throw an opponent on her back, get her in an armhold or immobilize her on the floor for 25 seconds.  This is also how a judoka scores points and wins the contest.

I find judo to be similar to wrestling as it is on a mat, athletes are categorized by weight class and they start out standing with a goal to get the opponent on the ground.   On the other hand, I find judo to be different than wrestling as judoka’s wear more clothing and they seem to make many quick moves while wrestlers often get in long holds and look like they aren’t moving.  My personal observation is that Judo seems much more violent as the judoku throws her opponent and tries to immobilize her opponent to the point where she could pass out or dislocate an arm.

There are 14 weight classes for Judo in the 2012 Olympics – 7 each for men & women.  Brazil took home 4 medals this year celebrating Sarah Menezes as the first woman to win gold in judo.  Sarah took down defending champion Alina Dumitru of Romania in the women’s extra lightweight competition.

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