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My Month Volunteering in Milwaukee

August 3, 2012

By Carlos Gonzalez, 2012 Global Partners: Running Waters, Scholarship Recipient for the CCI Greenheart Volunteer Homestay Program

Carols, in partnership with Proyecto Asis in Costa Rica, was award the first ever Global Partners: Running Waters Scholarship to participate in the Greenheart Volunteer Homestay Program for 4 weeks this past July. Below Carlos reflects about his volunteer experience in Milwaukee, WI.

I decided to come to the United States to learn more about different agricultural and environmental conservation techniques that can be used in Costa Rica to improve agricultural and environmental projects.

My host family – The Braun’s – have been the best; they have always been attentive to my needs, thus trying to make my stay as comfortable as possible.  They have respected my personal space and they tried to not make me feel bored at home, giving me the opportunity to go twice to the Summerfest, the Milwaukee Art Museum, the zoo, the Festa Italiana, and various other places, demonstrating their commitment to be a good host family with me.

I have learned a lot about Groundworks and Sweet Water Organics.  At Groundworks, I learned about Rain Gardens, how to make them, the maintenance they need and other things, but the principal thing I learned here is that the human being has a lot of opportunities to save the world and Rain Garden is one of them.  It´s a small contribution to the world, but if every house would have one these, we will save the planet!

In Sweet Water I learned, that we have a lot of agricultural techniques to save the potable water of the planet and grow organic plants and fishes at the same time and are very healthy for the human being.  This is the project that I want to implement in my high school.

For me and my family it has meant a lot to receive this scholarship, it encourages me to keep studying and being an excellent student to receive other opportunities like this in the future. It also means a lot to my high school. I don´t know if you know about my high school, it is an Agricultural high school.  It means that we also receive agricultural and livestock classes, so in my high school we have a farm and we also try to improve agricultural techniques, so, my high school really appreciates this opportunity because we will have new projects to do, like aquaponics. It also means a lot to my classmates because it encourages them to keep studying to reach these type of opportunities.

I don’t have a specific memory from my time here, but if I have to choose one, I would choose my arrival at Milwaukee and seeing my local coordinator Annie Reifsnyder at the airport and thinking that this will be the opportunity of my life!

To conclude I would like to say THANK YOU to Global Partners: Running Water for this scholarship and I hope that you keep giving these opportunities to others. And say thank you to CCI and my host family for all the help they gave me during this scholarship!

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