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Germany takes gold in Olympic Equestrian Events

August 2, 2012

By:  Valerie Brod, Marketing Contractor

Have you ever watched any of the Equestrian events in the Olympics?  They are getting more buzz this year since England’s royal family is competing and watching the events.  My first experience with these events was the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain.  I was baby-sitting that summer and the only thing on the TV, early in the morning while the kids were still asleep, was Olympic Equestrian events.  I thought it was boring at first and then I started to see the beauty of the horses and the easy way the Olympians handled them.

I’ve since learned that men and women compete against each other instead of having separate gender competitions.  It is also the only Olympic sport that includes an animal.

Of the three disciplines (dressage, jumping and eventing) that make up an Equestrian competition, the individual and team eventing competitions kicked off this year’s Olympic games.  So far, Germany has done a great job, winning gold medals in both

German Eventing Team Wins Gold! Photo from

events!  Michael Jung won gold making him the first man to hold the Olympic, world, and European individual eventing title at the same time.  Looking back on the history of this sport, Germany holds the record for the most Olympic medals in the Equestrian competition.  Check out the schedule for remaining Equestrian competitions in the London 2012 Olympics.

Want to learn more about Germany and their history in Equestrian Competitions?  Host a German exchange student this year!  You will learn about German culture such as Fasching (Carnival), a German holiday, and the etiquette on giving flowers to your dinner host.  In return, you get to share your knowledge and pride of the USA!  Meet some of our CCI German students looking for a host family for this school year.

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