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9 Questions with Laura Rose

July 19, 2012

By Erica Clapp, Greenheart Outreach Intern

Time for another round of Greenheart Music  questions!  We were able to talk to CCI Greenheart CEO Laura Rose and she shared her experiences with the Greenheart Music Project.      Enjoy!

1.        How did you first get involved with Greenheart Music?

It all started at the Casita Verde, the environmental educational center on the island of Ibiza where the Greenheart initiative was born and where amazing international musicians gather to jam while sharing their passion for environmentalism.   It was there that Emanuel and I first met the amazing composer and producer Ingmar Hansch and decided we had to create something wonderful together.

2.            In your own words, describe the philosophy behind Greenheart Music.

Greenheart Music is about expressing the beauty of nature through the international language of song.  A lot of the cuts are great for dancing and evoke the rhythms and sounds of Africa while others are perfect for chilling out under a starlit sky on a hot summer night with a cool drink in your hand.

3.            What made you decide to bring Greenheart to CCI in the United States?

Because we knew we couldn’t be selfish with such amazing sounds and absolutely had to share it.

4.            What has been your favorite Greenheart Music experience to date?

The best experience of all is knowing the musicians who compose and create incredible music.    It’s a great reminder of how much amazing talent there is out there that you won’t find on MTV.

5.            Do you sing or play any instruments?  Can we expect a Laura Rose track on the next Greenheart album?

Ha!  Now that would probably be more fun for me than for the listeners.  People say I have great pitch but am limited to about one octave which reduces the number of songs I can sing to about three.  

6.            You recently joined the CCI Greenheart Ibiza Retreat.  What was the most memorable part of the trip?

Without doubt it was our Global Oneness Meditation held at the Casita Verde followed by some of Greenheart Music’s most talented acts.  We had an incredible night dancing under a moonlit sky to the grooving sounds of Greenheart.

7.            Other than Greenheart artists, who are your top three favorite bands/musicians?

Lhasa de Sela is hands down my fave and in particular her hauntingly beautiful  De Cara a la Pared.   I also love Manu Chou and an amazing Spanish band called Ketama.

8.            There are four Greenheart albums.  Which is your favorite?

 That’s like asking someone to choose their favorite kid.  They’re all awesome.

9.            Do you have a favorite Greenheart Song?

 Green Light on album three (Open Your Heart, Track 15) totally rocks.

Laura Rose and Emanuel Kuntzelman dancing.

To buy Laura’s favorite song and other Greenheart tracks, visit the Greenheart Music website.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. David Godwin permalink
    July 19, 2012 11:19 am

    Great Interview! Greenheart ROCKS!

    • Emanuel Kuntzelman permalink
      July 22, 2012 10:48 pm

      Great work Erica and Laura. Greenheart Music is the best: the Green Light of environmental awareness and social transformation. Everygody should buy GH songs.

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