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CCI’s Carbon Offset Program Strikes Again! 2011 Report Here

July 17, 2012

By Andrea Dennis, CCI Greenheart Outreach Director

CCI Greenheart converts a percentage of staff air miles into funding for grassroots environmental projects to offset our carbon footprint. 2009 funds were used for projects at the Casita Verde, headquarters of Greenheart Ibiza. Last year we put our Carbon Offset Program to use on a new continent. More below! 

Through CCI Greenheart we are introduced to worthy projects and amazing change makers all the time. One such connection happened when our CEO, Laura Rose, got the scoop on the son of her dear friend Elizabeth. Laura’s ears perked, as she listened to Elizabeth relay the projects conducted by her son Luis and his team in Kenya. It wasn’t long after that encounter when Greenheart Travel sent their first participants to volunteer abroad with Luis and his team in Kenya. Our volunteers were happy there because the people of Maasailand are inspiring and wonderful, and because the projects in Kenya are based upon the following mission:

  • To train individuals (women and youths) in different ways of development and cooperation through workshops
  • To create economic auto-sustainability by providing the adequate tools to each project
  • Making a difference in the lives of others by sharing knowledge
  • To increase the quality of the local low education by working in development with schools
  • To promote the Kenyan heritage
Inspired by this vision and the dedicated work of Louis and his team, we decided to offer a next level of support to their projects, more people power! Enter the dedicated volunteers of Greenheart Ibiza. In 2011, with the  funding of the 2010 Carbon Offset Program, CCI Greenheart sent Danny Law, Mike Macleod and Mariano Gonzalez to Kenya.  Over the course of several trips and alongside Kenyan partners and local school children, the Greenheart team created and planted a garden. The garden helped provide needed nutrient rich food to the school. The Greenheart team also helped create a water system, build a kitchen and put their perma culture training to use.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Danny Law said of the experience: “Give a kid a carrot and they’ll eat salad. Teach a kid to garden and they’ll eat the carrot,  sell more carrots to buy books, build a library and regain the power to shape their own future.”  Despite the ongoing development challenge of foreigners being the “problem solvers” of local issues, Danny felt it was time incredibly well spent because it was a project that was not separate from the community. He was blown away by the enthusiasm of the students. In fact, the project became that of the students. Teachers weren’t as interested or invested, and the students took over! They learned the process of gardening, had a committee to maintain the garden, and have been the ones getting their hands dirty. Danny said, “it was the kids who got the most from it. They worked really hard staying behind after school  sometimes after not eating all day just to work on the garden. They were part of the process which was very important. The point of the project was empowerment, ownership and self reliance and that was achieved.”

Danny, Mike and Mariano all expressed gratitude for the experience. They are pleased that they have continued to support the work to create a lasting impact. All made possible by CCI Greenheart’s Carbon Offset Program.
Check out Mike’s videos below.

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