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CCI’s Career Advancement Program- Developing Confidence and Character

July 10, 2012

CCI’s Career Advancement Program provides an invaluable platform for personal growth. Upon returning from their exchange in the United States, J-1 Interns and Trainees are gratified to find they gained much more than professional skills. Countless participants notice that their experience abroad also develops their independence, communication skills, confidence, and character.

CCI Intern Erika (third from left) from the Philippines with colleagues at her accounting office last December.

Take Erika from the Philippines. During her accounting internship in Fort Worth, Erika was able to improve her capabilities in the business world and gain more confidence as a person. Her coworkers and supervisors benefitted immensely from her presence in the office. Erika comments, “Most importantly, I learned that I’m an asset [in the workplace], and that’s very important for me.”

Similarly, Alnor of the Philippines interned at a hotel in Moab, Utah learning the administrative and managerial duties of the hospitality industry.  “This trainee program helped me a lot. It helped me to become a better person inside and out…,” Alnor reflects.  “I proved to myself that I can really be an independent person.”

Upon returning home, Alnor had a greater sense of what it means to be strong.  “I’m proud of myself because I know that I did a good job,” he concludes.

CCI’s Career Advancement Program for Interns/Trainees promotes confidence while also inspiring participants to be the best they can be. “The internship in the US totally redefined me,” Erika confirms.  “From here, I am able to learn what I really want to be.”

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in the Career Advancement Program, or hosting a participant at their U.S. business, please email for more information.

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