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“The library is quiet, but full of life”

July 3, 2012

By: Sushania Pryce,  Summer Work & Travel Participant and Greenheart Club Member

Sushania is a Work & Travel exchange student with CCI-Greenheart  from Jamaica and is working as a hostess at Federal Jacks Restaurant in Kennebunk, Maine. In addition to working full time as a part of her program, Sushania has chosen to participate in our Greenheart Club by spending her limited free time volunteering at a local library! She has already volunteered there twice. Below Sushania reflects about her volunteer experience at the library and shares a photo collage of her volunteering.

Never have I thought I would meet a warmer, more hospitable, set of people than the ones I have met at the Louis T. Graves Memorial Library. The director welcomed me with open arms and my trainer was a vibrant lady who showed me everything I needed to know about the library and made me feel warm and welcomed. I must say I truly enjoy volunteering there and I’m happy that, that this is where I chose to volunteer. Re-shelving books and assisting patrons without getting paid is truly a remarkable feeling, especially when done with a smile. I am truly amazed at how complex the library is and was extremely happy when I realized how “green” they were, from recycling books to recycling ink cartridges. The Louis T. Graves Memorial Library is quiet but full of life!

Sushania at the Louis T. Graves Memorial Library

Greenheart is so proud of Sushania’s accomplishments as a volunteer!

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  1. Sushania Pryce permalink
    July 3, 2012 2:03 pm

    I LOVE IT! :) Thanks Greenheart Club for this wonderful opportunity.

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