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10 Questions With Matthäus Ullrich

July 2, 2012
By Erica Clapp, Greenheart Outreach Intern

Greetings Greenheart Music fans!  Meet Greenheart musician Matthäus Ullrich!

Matthäus Performing at Casita Verde

Born in Germany in 1987, Matthäus grew up in a household full of music.  He has been playing several instruments and singing in many bands since the age of 14.  Matthäus plays the bass and sings to a variety of styles including rock, funk, soul, jazz, hip hop and more.  As a singer songwriter, he also writes and performs his originals songs accompanied by his guitar.  

1.    When and why did you first start creating and performing music?

I first started playing music with my family.  It was always a very important part in life for my parents and for my three brothers too.   My father plays the bass, guitar and sings, my mother sings and all my brothers are playing various instruments.  So I was born into a world full of music with everyone playing, singing and dancing very much and nearly all the different instrument available, so I started trying on the piano and I was always singing.  Later I started playing the flute, guitar and with special favour the bass and those are the instruments that I am still playing now!

2.    What was your first experience with Greenheart Music and La Casita Verde?

I came to Ibiza and the Casita Verde through my mother living there the first time in 2009.  I came to visit my mother and to play at an event that was organised by Jonny Lee a good friend of Chris Dews (the director of Casita Verde) and Ingmar from Greenheart Music was part of it too.  After my amazing holiday I made the decision to come back to Ibiza and live in Casita Verde and then through all the summer 2009 I started to work with Ingmar on my first solo album “Losing Fear”.

3.    Who/what inspires and influences you when creating music?

Inspiration and influence come from everywhere all the time…everything that is alive for me is music, because every living thing is vibration/frequency, which is music!  So in any moment in life, someone or something is able to trigger my inner creative self, which makes me want to play sing or dance!

4.    What has been the biggest challenge as a musician?

I think the biggest challenge for me has been leaving Germany and all the incredible musicians that I have been growing up with and which have helped me to develop. Apart from that the music itself has never really been a big challenge for me, because it is the thing in life, that I love the most!

5.    What has been the most rewarding part of being a musician?

The most rewarding part for me personally is nothing material…it is much more a feeling very deep inside.  It is the space that I enter, when I am playing music on my own or with others that is like a world within this world…my inner paradise…the place where only I am able to go…where communication happens without words.

6.    What projects are you currently working on? 

At the moment I am part of  a cover band and we are playing in many places all over the island in summer. I am very much focused on playing the bass in several bands and supporting them in terms of keeping rhythm and harmony well connected!  And apart from that every now and then I am writing a new song with just me and my  guitar!!!

7.    How would you describe your style of music?

 I would not say that I have a specific style, because of all the different influences; it is a mixture of many!

 8.    If you could collaborate with any artist, who would you work with?

One of my biggest wishes would be to play with “Victor Wooten” which for me is and has been the greatest inspiration as a person and musician so far and a huge dream would come true if I could play the bass with him!!!

 9.    Has your music style changed or evolved since you first began?  If yes, how?

 As I have been going through different phases of listening to music, I have been automatically going through changes in my playing too.  I was always interested in learning many styles and techniques, which has enabled me to develop a lot of different skills and I am looking forward to more!

 10. What hobbies and passions do you have outside of music?

Especially since I have lived in Casita Verde one of my biggest passions is to live life in a natural way and in tune with the environment…I am doing building work, carpentry, gardening and I have completed a Permaculture-Design course on Mallorca!!!  Apart from that I am working together with amazing people giving Personal Growth seminars, based on Meditation, Music and Dance.

Personal Quote:  “I am in love with the music!”

Check out Matthäus’s song “Together As One”, featuring Rhian Thomas and Jessica Koole, and stay tuned for future spotlights on Greenheart’s talented musicians!

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