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CCI’s 2011 Going Greenheart Tour: Harrisburg, PA

August 17, 2011

By Serena Curry, Greenheart Outreach Coordinator

A Work and Travel Participant at the Going Greenheart Tour in Harrisburg, PA.

If we learned anything from the Summer 2011 Going Greenheart Tour it is this…Harrisburg, PA sure knows how to throw a party! Over the weekend, 162 Work and Travel participants came out to Strawberry Square to eat, dance, sing, and even learn about the environment with a game of Environmental Jeopardy! We at CCI/Greenheart are both impressed and encouraged by the level of excitement the Going Greenheart Tour has inspired in our participants. Not only have Work and Travel participants from all over the country come out to volunteer with CCI staff, but they have expressed a strong interest in volunteering for an environmental cause outside of the tour. What more could we hope for?!

Another thing that we have unexpectedly learned from the Going Greenheart Tour is that environmental activism definitely evokes a level of cultural consciousness and understanding for all those involved. In Harrisburg, students sang songs in their own languages and performed traditionally inspired dance routines to music from their home countries—what an awesome sight! Whether it is cleaning up the shoreline, working at an organic farm, or expanding one’s knowledge through a game of Environmental Jeopardy, the Going Greenheart Tour events have proven to be both fun and inspirational.  A Work and Travel participant, Barnabas, put it best: “One’s cultural exchange experience is not complete without a volunteer experience.” Thank you Harrisburg for giving us the opportunity to share in an afternoon of environmental activism with your beautiful, cultural community!

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